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East Yorkshire's Premier Carp Fishery

Kye's Fish

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There are eight purpose built wood-chipped swims around the lake, but a max of six anglers are allowed to ensure plenty of space for everyone.

Car Park – A popular and productive swim. Fishing across to the trees on the far margin produces well. Some patchy weed.
Fletch’s – A swim with lots of options. The spit to the right, the tree-lined margin and the spit to the left all produce fish, and there's plenty of weed dotted around.
Sainty’s – A consistent open water area with some interesting spots to find and the bar to the right is a known hot spot.
Back Bay –This swims gives access to the margins of the no-fishing bank, a known holding area and patrol route for the fish.
Reedy – Access to the no-fishing bank and some small but productive open water gravel patches amongst the silt.
Inbetween – A consistent open water swim which often produces multiple hits as the fish move through. Zigs are worth a go.
Plateau – Another swim with plenty of options. The fish often pass through this area on their way in and out of Car Park Bay.
Willow – No fishing when Car Park is occupied. Fish are often observed amongst the marginal snags and a stealthy approach is needed.

This picturesque three-acre former clay pit has it all. An average depth of around 8ft and a lakebed made up predominantly of silt with two bars, patches of gravel, weedbeds, two spits and loads of likely looking margin areas with reedbeds and overhanging trees.

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